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AVM Robotics Club, Gumla

Why did we accept this course in School?

 Many researchers have been investigating the use of robots to support education. Studies have shown that robots can help students develop problem-solving abilities and learn computer programming, mathematics, and science. The educational approach based mainly on developing logic and creativity in new generations since the first stage of  education is very promising. To these aims, the use of robotic systems is becoming fundamental if applied since the earlier stage of education. In primary schools, robot programming is fun and therefore represent an excellent tool for both introducing to ICT and helping the development of children’s logical and linguistic abilities of children. Robotic teaching experiences have been carried out in Italian schools since 2000-2001, when the first project was proposed. It was called “Building a robot” and its description can be found in [Merlo, 2010]. Moreover, learning robots programming also becomes an opportunity for primary school pupils for developing their linguistic and logical skills, always focusing on pedagogical rather than technological issues. 

Investment in this will bring excitement and will help us to transform educational atmosphere.  We hope a better learning experience of our children and good exposure to ensure a bright future.  

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