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G.K Resources for Class Four

Mt Vesuvius

 Mt Vesuvius is the world's most dangerous volcano, and it threatens three million people. It was responsible for the most famous natural disaster of ancient history, the eruption that destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii. And its most recent blast was caught on film in 1944. Today Vesuvius is the most densely populated volcano in the world. Now recent scientific discoveries show that it is capable of an eruption larger than ever before thought possible and that hidden beneath Vesuvius there is a vast magma chamber of boiling hot rock, ready to come out. 

The Great Banyan Tree

 The Great Banyan Tree - The canopy area of this massive banyan tree in the Indian Botanic Garden is 14,500 square meters. According to its area, it is the widest tree in the world. It is as wide as a cricket ground. This tree is 250 years old and 24.5 meters in height. It has 3,772 prop roots and its canopy circumference is 486 meters. Around 87 species of birds are found on this tree.